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Subscription Management Software
Functionality :

The magazine subscription management software is the core functionality behind the success of this site. Follwing are the functions of magazine subscription  management.
Functions of this system include:
tick1 New client registration.
tick1 Checking and managing Subscription Period.

tick1 Powerful analysis and Renewal scheduling of subscriptions.

tick1 Suspension of Subscriptions.

tick1 Managing the Magazine Profile.

tick1 Managing Magazine Orders.

tick1 Checking and managing Dispatch Print for Subscribers.
tick1 Reporting and analyzing earnings through subscriptions

tick1 Checking and Managing Dispatch Print for Agents
tick1 With managing the ads it is also referred as advertisement management software.

Reports of Subscribers can be generated with the help of the magazine subscription management software.
Following are some of the areas in which reports can be generated:

tick1 New Subscriber.

tick1 Renewal of Subscriber.

tick1 Suspended Subscriber.

tick1 City wise Subscriber.

tick1 State wise Subscriber.

tick1 Country wise Subscriber.

tick1 Subscriber Payment.

tick1 Distributor Payment.

Address Label Printing :

Label printing is very important while handling subscriptions. The address labels are required to manage the new subscriptions, keep a check on renewals and manage the subscribers across different locations.
The magazine subscription management software offers the following features with respect to Address Label Printing:
tick1 Automatically generated address labels from the print system on a monthly basis.
tick1 Stoppage of label printing at the end of subscription.
tick1 Additional message “Renew Subscription” is generated on the address label during the last 3 months of subscription as a reminder to the subscriber.
tick1 City-wise or location-wise printing of address labels.

MIS Reports :

Reports form an important part of any business. They are a quintessential for the smooth functioning of any system. This subscription software ensures that reports related to various areas of subscriptions and related activities are generated in an orderly manner.
Following are some of the reports that the system generates:

tick1 Demographic reports for the subscribers which help in segregating them according to their City, State and Country.
tick1 Reports with respect to new subscriptions, renewals and discontinuations.
tick1 Reports for alerts regarding renewals of existing subscriptions.
tick1 Reports to validate current stocks and assess the raw materials.
tick1 Reports for printing expenses.

Data Back Up Facility :
Imagine having the best software and detailed reports and system but all of it going blank due to an unfortunate event! Data backup is very important if you want to safeguard the information of your subscriptions and subscribers. Data loss means a hefty monetary loss. It is also the loss of face value of the business.
Following are some more functions that the magazine subscription management system offers:

tick1 Option to choose when to start subscription.

tick1 Multiple length subscriptions.

tick1 Continuous subscriptions.

tick1 Multiple currency.

tick1 Renewal of login to manage account.

tick1 Reporting – current/expired subscribers + mailing list.

tick1 Subscribe by post.

tick1 Auto alerts when subscriptions are about to expire.

tick1 Back issue purchase.

tick1 Full reporting.
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