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We proudly present to you the magazine subscription management software. As the name suggests, this software is designed specifically to help in managing the magazine subscription management . This software is designed specifically to manage Membership of magazines and the subscribers thereof. Below are some of it's functions include managing:
tick1   Subscriptions
tick1   Payments
tick1   Reminders
tick1   Renewals
tick1   Subscription reports
tick1   Magazine profiles

The system is capable of automatically printing stickers for the valid subscribers (annual) and also offers reminders to them through alerts during the last three available months.

Software Features


The magazine subscription management software is the core functionality behind the success of this site.

Address Label Printing
Label printing is very important while handling subscriptions. The address labels are required

Reports form an important part of any business. They are a quintessential for the smooth functioning of any system

Data Back Up Facility 

Imagine having the best software and detailed reports and system but all of it going blank due to an unfortunate event!

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Magazine Subscription Management Software | Subscription Software

Magazine Subscription Software

Magazines are a very effective medium of communication, knowledge and entertainment. A successful magazine has a lot of subscribers and this subscription management is tedious work. For this purpose we have developed this magazine subscription software to manage the membership and subscription of magazines.

  • With the magazine subscription management software different types of subscriptions are handled like quarterly subscription, half-yearly subscription, yearly subscription.
  • Magazine Subscription management  has a payment mechanism to notify the current payment status, payment history and the balance payments.
  • In the subscription management software reminders are made in the form of alerts which inform the customer about the status of subscription. We also have the facility of renewing.
  • Subscriptions and resending subscriptions if dispatch has failed and suspending subscriptions if the subscriber is out of town for a large period of time.
  • In magazine subscription  software reports can be generated as required and sent to the customer.
  • Magazine profiles include weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

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